Teams Event Rules

Pro Poker Championship Series

One Million Dollars Prize Pool

Teams Events Rules

1. Team must be registered with 4 existing APP Players at any APP event.
2. Teams must nominate a captain and a team name.
3. Teams must have a primary contact number (usually the captains).
4. Team members can log in to their team area using their normal APP player login email address and password.
5. Teams can be sponsored or private.
6. Team members can play normal events individually, and points are pooled as a team.
7. Each individual team member that has registered for a game to represent their team is counted towards the team points as well as their individual points.
8. Teams must play 200 games in the year to be eligible for the final event
9. Team can change members at any time but all members must play a minimum of 50 games in one calendar year to qualify for the grand finals.
10. Teams cannot subacute members to play in any event.
11. Teams cannot change players to play in any finals and if any player change teams they cannot go back into the same team, unless they have a good reason.
12. All teams can play in the quarterly team events.
13. A cut off of 300 teams for the competition grand finals.
14. Team can be private or sponsored. Sponsorship can be won at eligible tournaments.
Team Tournaments
15. Team members must pay $5 to register at any Free-Roll or Pro APP tournament at which they wish to represent their team and have any points gained count towards the team total.
16. Division Final Events – (end of year) have an “up to” cash amount per division; players are put into divisions according to points earned over the year.
17. Quarterly Finals – one final per state, any qualifying teams can enter.
18. End of Year Final – teams are eligible if they have played 200 games in the year.
One final per division.

19. Teams can be private or sponsored.
20. Major sponsors get prominent exposure on the website, and their team members are automatically representing their team without having to pay $5 to register as it is covered by the major sponsor.
21. Teams are required to find their own minor sponsors, and are responsible for any deals with sponsors paying their entry fee, team shirts etc.

22. All final events including the end of year grand final have an “up to” cash amount.
The $One million dollars total is based on full participation of 300 full teams.
23. The prize money will be divided into 4 divisions.

For more information look under prizes.

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