Pro League

Pro Poker is employed to run Pro Tournaments around Australia by a registered Charity who employs APP to operate the games on their behalf.

The Buy-In events payout 90% of all contributions on the night as prizes or satellite seats.The Sit n Go events pay 90% and the balance contributes to monthly, quarterly and annual finals prize pools contributing to considerable prize pools.

Come and see why our venues like what we do and so will you, see you at an APP Charity event near you.

We do run Play4Free events in conjunction with Buy-In games, whereby the monies contributed can only be won by those that bought in. The free players in these events can only win the venue prizes, however the pro players can win both.
This will change from venue to venue.

Poker Franchise and Casino/Poker Affilates Opportunities Available

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Poker Franchise and Poker/Casino/Lotto Affiliates Opportunities Available!