Host Poker At Your Venue

Why not try Hosting Pro Poker at your venue?

Pro Poker will work with your Marketing Manager to provide a fun filled experience for your patrons.

You will also have the opportunity of being part of our Casino/Poker affiliates package deal.

Poker has always been a very popular game enjoyed by people aged from 18 to 80 years old and played amongst friends and family making it a wonderful form of entertainment for your patrons.

In consultation with your Marketing Manager, Pro Poker will advertise upcoming tournaments or games through our website and various forms of media etc.

Promoting your venue, facilities available and specials on the day.

In addition, we will supply posters and banners for your venue to incorporate in your own marketing.
Host Poker at your Venue – What do I need? Pro Poker provides everything required for suitable venues to host No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments.

Events range in size from 20 to 120 players depending on the venue size and take an average of 3-4 hours from sign-in to completion. Pro Poker will Provide:

– Tournament Directors
– Poker Tables/Table Tops
– Poker Chips & Cards
– Membership Sign Up Facilities
– Tournament Software
– Rules & Regulations

Major Prizes In addition, the Pro Poker League helps our official venues promote their Texas Hold’em Tournaments by providing marketing collateral such as A2 posters and promoting all events on our website free of charge.

Free and Pro Poker is a wonderful low cost entertainment product and players will encourage their friends and family to come to tournaments increasing patronage and business sales at your venue!


Phone 0400 407234


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