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Events & Prizes

Pro Poker will be sending one lucky player to play in the World Series of Poker 2016! In Las Vegas.
The winner of our National Final will WIN a seat to this amazing million maker event, as well as an airline ticket, accommodation and $3,000 spending money!

State Final Structure

State Final will be at the end of each season in every State four times a year.

How to qualify:

All players will need to have a minimum of 500 Points or more to qualifies in each season.
Either win or second in a tournament.

Seat winner’s from:

  • 1 seat for every venue leader in each season
  • Next 100 on the State Leader-board after Pre-qualifiers receive a seat
  • State Final – Prizes

    • Prize Pool for the year Aussie Millions satellite or take the cash
    • 8 seats for the National Final from the other State Finals
    • National Bounty $1,500 cash
      Final Table receives $$$“Conditions apply”

All APP members will receive extra chips that they have accumulated in points during the season.
The extra chips will be added to there starting stack.

State Final.
Date and location will be coming shortly

National final.
Date and location will be coming shortly

National Final – Qualifying (approx 300)

  • Seat winners from the Regional Finals
  • Seat winners from the State Finals
  • Next 30 players from NSW Leaderboard
  • Next 30 players from SA Leaderboard
  • Next 30 players from VIC Leaderboard
  • Next 30 players from WA Leaderboard
  • Next 30 players from QLD Leaderboard
  • Next 10 players from the other State Leaderboards after Pre-qualifiers
  • Top 50 players from the National Leaderboard

National Final – Prizes

  • Prize Pool for the year
  • Includes WSOP Las Vegas seat into the million maker, flight, accommodation & $3,000 spending money, all up around $12,000 first prize Au dollars or take $10,000 cash.
  • Final Table receives $$$“Conditions apply”

ALL major tournament winners must have valid email and mobile numbers registered to qualify for Major Seats. Tournament winner of National tournament must supply personal details to Australian Pro Poker to ensure that arrangements can be made for the airfares, accommodation for the trip to WSOP.
These details must be emailed 4 months prior to WSOP.

If these details are not supplied they will forfeit the prize.

All prizes can not be redeemed for cash.

All advertised prize money is subject expected number of players in each tournament and if for some reason we have low numbers, the prize money may change, without notification.

Mystery Bounty Prizes.

            10 to 30 players $30

            31 to 40 players $250

            41 to 51 players $500

            51 to 60 players $750

            61 to 70 players $1000

           Any game over 71 players will be the full National bounty of $1500

AAA Online Poker/Casino/Lotto Website or and
Poker Franchise and Poker/Casino/Lotto Affiliates Opportunities Available!

SATURDAY Sailsbury $250 double
Tuesday Ashmore