Players, we’re excited to introduce the new Jackpot Bounty @ Australian Pro Poker League Tournaments.

A “ Jackpot Bounty” is an amount that increases every week. Yes, you can win big by playing at any of our venues.
One player is selected at random and will become the “Bounty”. If this player wins the tournament, he/she wins the current bounty! If no one wins the bounty, then it continues to grow every week until someone wins the Jackpot bounty, and then the bounty is reset back to $250.
Well come along to your nearest APP game and see if you can win the Jackpot  Bounty and bring your friends!
“Conditions apply”

How dos the Bounty and Jackpot Bounty work!
At the start of each tournament one of our members is randomly selected by the computer program and he/she becomes the Bounty.
E.g. if we start with under 30 players the bounty is just $50 . No late registrations on the bounty you must be in the system before the tournament starts.
The bounty amount is always calculated at the start of each tournament this stops any collusion.

20 to 29 players it’s $50
30 players or more the Jackpot Bounty is in Play starting at $250 increases every week until it’s won. Your TD will let you know how much the Jackpot Bounty amount is before the games starts.

Jackpot Bounty forms part of the NEW JACKPOT HANDS  players must pay $2.00 at the registration to play.

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